Meet teacher, Amber Kerr


Amber has recently joined the English Outside the Box team because of her passion for teaching and desire to work around the world.


She got her TESOL certification in 2009 and has experience working in the States and internationally. She has taught English in Argentina for LV Studios, taught teachers in Brazil for Wizard, and worked in the United States for Kaplan and San Diego State University's summer session.


She has an upbeat fun style of teaching and focuses on listening and speaking but can tailor lessons to your needs and preferences. She prefers activities, games, and conversations, but hard work is also needed when learning a language. She knows because she has been studying and speaking Portuguese since 2010. She is looking forward to working with you!

How can you connect with Amber for English conversation and practice?


Amber currently hosts a few calls in the Conversation Club as well as 1-on-1 English classes on Skype.

Send a message to check Amber's availability for Skype lessons and to get more information. Be sure to include "Classes with Amber" in your subject line.
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