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English Through TV: Bloodline

Download my TV worksheets in my English through TV (self-study) course. You'll receive 13 English lessons, over 400 new vocabulary words in context, comprehension questions to check listening, and discussion questions to practice your speaking skills.
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Join my Phrasal Verb Conversation Club

Learn new phrasal verbs and, more importantly, start using them naturally in your everyday English use. This club includes weekly material, conversation partners, and group conversation calls.


Você fala português?

Aumente seu nível de fluência: descubra erros comuns de pronúncia de inglês e melhore sua fala. Com mais de 25 recursos complementares, o curso vai medir o seu progresso, ajudar e mais.

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English Outside the Box specializes in helping English learners master the skills needed to live and work more comfortably and confidently in English.

I help English learners speak more natural English.

Free Lessons

You can improve your English skills with my weekly lessons, right here on my website. Lessons are posted on Tuesdays and Thursdays on my English blog. I also teach on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Professional Training

If you need to improve your English more quickly, more professionally, and get more focused and personalized training, then join my conversation club, a self-study course, or my fluency program.

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Hi! I'm Jennifer

I am an English teacher, connecting students with real English learning experiences, and passionate education. I help English learners improve their English fluency for more comfortable and confident English use in daily life.

My goal is your goal, to help you succeed in English.

I created English Outside the Box with passion and dedication to helping English learners around the world achieve their dreams and improve their English skills for work and life. My love for travel, culture, and languages has brought me around the world, gaining experience teaching and learning. I've learned languages, and I speak Portuguese fluently, so I know the obstacles of learning a language. These experiences allow me to create lessons that I know bring success because the techniques have helped me and hundreds of students in over 30 countries. By learning"outside the box" with me, you'll learn with passion you've never experienced, get outside your comfort zone and into real life English settings.

What do students say?

After some frustrated attempts with schools and teaching styles, I think I've finally found the perfect method and teacher for me! Jennifer is very patient and friendly. She teaches in a structured manner and provides personalized materials. One hour goes fast, even with grammar subjects. So, the only thing I have to say is: thanks, Jennifer!

Isabela, Brazil

English Outside the Box  have help me to prepare my TOEIC test . It was my first try taking the exam and my results were higher than expected. I has been required for  a 845 score ,and thanks to  Jennifer´s expertise and guidance. I got  885.   The think that surprised me the most was the infinite amount of tools and material that  EOB provided me to tackle the exam.  
Thanks  so much to English Outside of the Box.

Raul, Mexico

It was a great course that I studied with teacher Jennifer she is a smart teacher and funny at the same time. She taught us from her heart and gave us what I need to be fluent in English. I can't forget how much awesome vocabularies I learned from her and I still use them. I love how many tactics she used to help us to learn English easily in a fun way such as games or challenges with other student. Thanx for helping me always.

Arwa, Saudi Arabia

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Convenient & Flexible

By learning English online,  you no longer have to worry about schedules, traffic, and boring classrooms! When you join a self-study course, you make your learning schedule!

Passionate, Experienced & Dedicated Teacher

You will feel and experience my passion and energy the moment you watch live lessons, weekly videos, or join a course.

Interactive Material

NO boring or outdated text books. Real-life situations and conversations, personalized content, and practical information for you.