Empowering English Confidence

for success beyond your English skills

You have BIG dreams for yourself in English.

You want to speak CONFIDENTLY.

You want the right English words to flow through EASY CONVERSATION.


You're ready to live your LIFE as comfortably as you do in your native language.

And you're ready for that success.. NOW.

So, what do you do?

You've been studying, but you still haven't reached the level of confidence you want...


Is it possible?




I'm here to radically change the way you think about your English and how you study, to show you:

...how your dreams are MORE than your English.
...why your confidence is MORE than your skills.

Empowering English Confidence

HI! I'm Jennifer Nascimento

I am a certified Positive Psychology English Coach and the founder of the English Success System.

I combine this expertise to get my students faster results based on the science and psychology of learning. My methodologies and exercises are more effective and results-driven.


I focus on 3 core components in 'The English Success System':

  • Confidence Formula
    • Learn how to unlock your strengths, finetune your focus on your weaknesses, and defeat your speaking fears. This helps you instantly build confidence.
  • Goals that Come Alive
    • Identify action-focused goals, build successful habits, and get your personalized Achievement Strategy (a step-by-step roadmap to your success) so you stop wasting time, money, and energy on what you study.
  • my 'Everyday English Method'
    • to 4X or more the amount you think, speak, practice and use English every week to master your mistakes and build confidence.



The English Success System

The English Success System is not just 1:1 Zoom lessons, but a proven system that develops a step-by-step strategy for you to start thinking in English and using English more consistently throughout your everyday life.

My students 4X (or more!) the amount they're speaking in English, often noticing results in just weeks of working with me.

In this mini-series, you will learn about the "Hamster Wheel" effect, why you feel stuck, setting goals, and more about my program, methodology, and what you will learn with me. Each video has an actionable step that you can take to start improving now!