Are you ready to finally start speaking better English with more confidence? 

Good! Then you are in the right place.

Welcome to English Outside the Box. I am Jennifer!


Who am I?

I am so much more than an English teacher and entrepreneur.

I am a fellow language learner

  • eu falo português
  • yo hablo um poco de español

I am a world traveler

  • I studied and lived in Spain
  • I worked and lived in Australia
  • I worked and lived in Brazil
  • I've traveled through Europe, South East Asia, and New Zealand

I also love cats, the color [mustard] yellow, the desert and cacti, food, meeting new people, spending time with my friends and family, and of course teaching English!

In regards to my education and experience, here we go. I've received my bachelor's degree and TESOL certification, been teaching since 2007 internationally and in the States, blogging since 2014, and operating English Outside the Box since 2014. Plus, I've taught hundreds of students from over 30 countries!

What is English Outside the Box?

It is private, online English education.

English Outside the Box started in 2014 as a blog, because I had a passion to connect with more learners, outside of the classroom I had been teaching in. I wanted the flexibility to be more creative,  I wanted to use more engaging material, and I wanted to make more personal connections with my students. These connections are so important to help my learners reach their goals. The blog quickly grew into online lessons and self-study courses because my students wanted more and I was inspired to create something bigger and better.

When you start learning 'outside the box' you start learning in a new way. That new way is with me. You will experience more passion and dedication than you have before. I promise you this. But, if you don't believe me, read what my students have to say!

How can you start learning with me and English Outside the Box?

I highly recommend joining the Conversation Club, an monthly training program created to give you more real speaking opportunities. You'll get weekly materials, 6 group calls every month, conversation partners, and lots of speaking opportunities with native speakers and other learners!



You can also listen to me and my British co-host Dan on English Across the Pond every Friday! We release new lessons for our Gold members, including a podcast to help learners improve fluency.



If that is not what you're looking for, then either send me a message or learn more about my training here.