what is English fluency

Setting English Goals: What is English Fluency?

You are studying English because you want to be fluent. You want to be able to speak fluently. So, in order to have English fluency, you read this blog (and probably others), watch YouTube videos, follow Instagram accounts and Facebook profiles, and you watch TV or movies, in addition to a lot of other activities.…

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ways to ask for repetition in english

10 Ways to Ask Someone to Repeat Something in English

It’s important to know how to ask someone to repeat something in English whether you’re a native speaker or an English learner. In both cases, there are going to be situations that you simply don’t hear what someone said to you. As a learner, there will also be situations that you don’t understand because of how…

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changes in direct to indirect speech

The 4 Things you NEED to Change in Reported Speech

Welcome back to part 2 of your ‘Everyday English’ lesson on reported speech. This lesson should be reviewed after part 1 (read part 1 here), where we talked about important rules for time tense changes in indirect speech. Today, we’ll be focusing on the 4 changes necessary when you do need to make changes from direct…

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ways to use tag questions in english

3 Ways to Use Tag Questions in English

You’re a busy English learner, aren’t you? Videos that are short but informative help you a lot, don’t they? You’ve been learning English with me for a while, haven’t you? All of these questions include a tag question and show the 3 ways you can use tag questions in English. What are those 3 ways?…

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time tense changes in reported speech

Direct and Indirect Speech: 4 Rules for Tense Changes in Reported Speech

If you need English for your daily life, and you are often using English at work, in school, or with friends, then you need to know about direct and indirect speech in English. Indirect speech is also known as reported speech and is something that I have been asked about recently by students on Instagram.…

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