schwa in American english

Everyday English Pronunciation: The Schwa in American English

How comfortable are you pronouncing the most common sound in American English? Do you know what the most common sound is? If you answered the schwa sound, then you are absolutely correct. If you are not completely comfortable with this sound, or need some more practice then you are in the right place with this…

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English idioms with town

English Idioms with TOWN

I am out of town this week; however, I still want you guys to learn helpful everyday English skills which is why you have this short (but very sweet) video teaching you English idioms with town! As I’ve explained in the past, learning idioms (and expressions) by a theme is a great way to memorize…

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Improve English fluency breaking bad and bloodline

Improve English Fluency with Breaking Bad and Bloodline

Have you ever watched a TV show that you just couldn’t get enough of? If you can’t get enough of something, that means you really like it and want a lot of it or a large quantity of it. Have you ever been so hooked on (*so interested in*) a TV show that you wanted…

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improve english vocabulary

4 Ways to Improve English Vocabulary

If you’re like most of my students, you struggle with learning new vocabulary words and applying them (using them) in your English conversations. In order to successfully learn and use new English vocabulary, you need to be reviewing them in a variety of ways and doing more than just writing down the definition. How can…

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English idioms sickness

Everyday English: Idioms about Sickness

It’s cold season here in the States, and I am not talking about the weather. “Cold” can also be a noun, and it’s a common illness that can affect your eyes, nose, throat and makes you not feel very well. Unfortunately, everyone deals with the common cold, so as a fluent English speaker you should…

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