English travel phrasal verb

Everyday English: Travel Phrasal Verbs

The topic of phrasal verbs can provide endless lesson opportunities because as you know, they are a very important part of English conversation and fluency. Native speakers use them without even thinking about them, and I’ll remind you that they aren’t just part of informal English, but a part of professional settings as well. There is a…

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Understand English modals

Understand English Modals

If you want to learn English you must be studying every day. To increase fluency, you have to surround yourself in as much English as possible. You should have a variety of resources and activities to review. You can read blogs and English lessons, watch YouTube videos, and listen to podcasts. Hey…you might even try mine on…

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How to Speak English like a native English speaker

How to Speak English like a Native Speaker

Learning how to speak English like a native English speaker just got easier with these 3 tips from my recent (and second) “Everyday English” YouTube Live lesson. I get emails and messages very often asking me for fluency tips, and asking for lessons about speaking English more naturally. I know you, my English learner and English…

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speak english fluently

English Success Story: 3 Tips to Overcome Fear when Speaking English

I am happy to share another student success story with you this week; however, this time I am sharing the story of a personal student of mine. My goal with these success stories is to show you that reaching English goals is a possibility, and you too can achieve success! Mauricio Bucci has been learning…

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English phrases with compliment

4 English Phrases with COMPLIMENT

Hey, you. Yes, you! The person reading this blog lesson. Your motivation is an inspiration to those around you, including me! I hope you know that today, and every day, you are appreciated! In honor of National Compliment Day, it’s only appropriate to start the lesson with…. a compliment, to you! Thanks for continuously sharing your…

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