3 questions to start a conversation

3 Questions to Start a Conversation

Have you been in a situation where you needed to start a conversation, but you didn’t know what to say? Perhaps you were with new friends, at a work party, or waiting for class to start with some fellow classmates. If you need English for your everyday life, then it’s important you get comfortable with starting…

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question structure english

How to Ask Questions in English: Question Structure

There are many different types of questions in English, various ways to ask them, and questions are necessary for starting and maintaining English Conversations. How do you ask questions in English? What’s the correct question structure in English? Do auxiliary verbs go before or after the subject? What about tenses? There are all kinds of…

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learn english prepositions

How to Learn English Prepositions

A quick search on Google will tell you that there are about 150 English prepositions. Add that to the other vocabulary you need to learn, grammar you need to master, pronunciation, reading skills, listening abilities, etc… and you can begin feeling overwhelmed by it all. But you don’t need to feel overwhelmed when it comes to…

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be fluent in english

The Best of “5 Minute English” for English Fluency

In order to be fluent in English you need to be able to “express yourself easily”. Although many learners only think of speaking skills when it comes to fluency and expressing oneself, this isn’t true! In order to be fluent, you have to master a variety of skills. You need to understand grammar. Your listening skills…

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past perfect practice

Past Perfect Practice: How to use the Past Perfect

The foundation of your English relies on your understanding of the time tenses in English. In order to effectively talk about the present, past, and future, you need to be able to differentiate these 3 tenses. However, within those 3 tenses, there are differences between the simple, progressive, and perfect structures. Are you comfortable with the differences?…

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