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Learn English and 5 Trends with your Bitmoji Keyboard.

Before you start, or I should say continue reading, I want you to look around the area you are: your desk, couch, table, or wherever you may be. How close is your phone? I would bet you a million dollars (if I had a million dollars or liked gambling) that your phone is very close…

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3 Free English Webinars to Improve your Language Skills

3 Free English Training Sessions *As of 2017, these training sessions have now passed— Click “learn English” on my website for current courses and training opportunities* All available online, from the comfort of your own home Hello, and happy day to you! I wanted to do a quick post and tell you about these online English…

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Gerund Vs Infinitive- Part 2

Hey guys, I’m back!! As promised we are going to continue the part 1 post to discuss more about Gerunds vs Infinitives. I hope you understood everything on the first post, but if not, don’t mind asking questions.. Now, we already went through the gerund part of this grammar topic, so let’s talk about when and…

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Gerund vs Infinitive – Part 1

Hiii everyone!! I got this amazing invitation from Jennifer to be here contributing to the blog and your learning and I am sooo excited for it. Why? Because I was/am Jennifer’s student just as you are, so as an ESL learner, I am sure we have a lot to share on this journey of learning…

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Learn English online with English Outside the Box

Learn and Improve English with Instagram

Hello my “out of the box” readers! I hope this day finds you feeling happy and magical! Today’s post is to share with you yet another way I am connecting you with learning opportunities “outside the box”, outside the norm, and outside of ways you ever even dreamed possible! For most people, Instagram is a…

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