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What is English fluency?

If you are fluent in English then you have the ability to express yourself easily in English.


If you are fluent you can start and maintain a conversation with accurate vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.


Let me help you reach this goal.

The Everyday English Fluency Guide

This is a digital resource that you can download today for immediate access, use, and practice!

In this fluency guide, you will learn about 3 of the most important parts of English fluency! You will learn, practice and improve your grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. With PDFs, audio files, and practice exercises, you will:


  • practice the most common sound in English and improve your American English pronunciation


  • review the 12 time tenses in English grammar so you know how to use them (like the present perfect!)


  • get 20 questions and answers (in audio) to start and maintain a conversation in English and build vocabulary

$10 for immediate access & download