Finally, a personalized way to learn English
in an online group program!

Eu falo português também.
Eu falo português também.

Hi! I'm Jennifer.

I'm a Positive Psychology English Coach, empowering my students to understand and speak English on a deeper level for more confidence, clarity, and freedom in their everyday life.


After teaching English for over 10 years, and almost 10 online!, I have seen what works, what doesn't, and what is missing in the usual online classes and courses on the internet. I saw English learners struggle with the same problems, have the same patterns of progress, reach plateaus, feel struck, frustrated, etc...


So, I created the learning system that eliminates these problems and fills the gaps of what is missing! 

The English Success System

I focus on 3 core components in 'The English Success System':

  • your goals
    • to identify what you really want and need
  • your strengths & weaknesses
    • to empower & build your confidence faster
  • my 'Everyday English Method'
    • to 4X or more the amount you think, speak, practice and use English every week

Let me explain more

By understanding your goals and needs on a deeper level, you are able to understand exactly what you really want and need, so that you can create a step-by-step strategy to achieve them. This helps my students save months of work because this is skipped (overlooked) in most language schools, online group courses, and even in most 1:1 classes.
This helps you measure, see, and feel your progress faster!


Next, through my personalized assessment, we find clarity on your strengths and weaknesses, which allows you to stop wasting time on exercises that you don't need and focus on what's necessary to improve your skills and reach the next level. My students have instantly built their confidence in this part of my program because they realize what they are already good at while understanding what's missing.


Finally, my “Every Day English method” is an immersion into English, increasing the amount you think, speak, use (read & write) in English to meet goals more effectively, see faster results in progress, and build confidence. This gives you consistent practice, which is truly needed for the freedom you seek in English. My students have 4X (or more) the amount they're speaking English.

How does the English Success System work?

In this 3-month program, we start by identifying your goals, strengths, and weaknesses. Then, I create the plan you need for success. You'll receive the training materials you need to improve, the exercises to practice, and the support and feedback from me, your teacher.


Students will have their own self-study exercises and learn together (with me) on our group Q&A call. Everyone will participate in WhatsApp speaking practice, and a weekly group conversation call.


The English Success System includes:

  • PDF, audio, and/or video training on both soft skills and English skills
  • Focused exercises (writing and speaking) with group feedback on needed improvement
  • WhatsApp Chat support for accountability, Q&As, spontaneous speaking, and additional practice throughout the week. MONDAY is teacher support day.
  • Zoom calls


$1375  for a 3-month (12-week) package

payment plan of $475/month for 3 months

What do students of the English Success System say?

"I started a conversation this week with a native speaker, and didn't feel the same fear as last week. It's only week 2 of the program. The patterns that Jennifer uses to teach make me understand easily." 

-Rafa (Brazil, living in the US)

"This week (week 2) was interesting. I started to think in English!"

-Loretta (Italy)

"The biggest and greatest thinkg that you've done to me is that you (are) very precise in terms of tailoring the needs. You hear my requests and at the same time developing a very unique and specific to me approach to my deficiences lie pronunciation or grammar. You help me with baby steps to develop cognitive links and habits. Exactly my request."

-Pavel (Russia, living in the US)