Most English learners do not use English enough throughout the week to improve their conversational fluency and use.

Do you?

In order to speak better English, you need to be speaking every day.

In order to use new, advanced vocabulary, you need to be learning and using it every day.

In order to improve your English fluency, you need to surround yourself with English every day.

Welcome to Everyday English Fluency

In this monthly training program you will:

  • get weekly English tasks to improve your speaking, listening, reading, writing, vocabulary, and pronunciation skills
  • practice speaking with audio recordings and audio feedback from a native-speaking English teacher
  • increase your knowledge and use of idioms and phrasal verbs
  • improve your speaking and pronunciation with a 1-hour Skype lesson

You will improve your speaking skills. You will improve your vocabulary use with more phrasal verbs and idioms. You will increase your English fluency.

You need this English program if you are not using English every day and need more advanced fluency for your everyday life.


This program is for you if:

  • you are an English learner with at least an intermediate level
  • you need better English skills for more opportunities at work, in university, while traveling, or daily life
  • you need a flexible learning plan for your busy schedule
  • you want a mix of self-study and guided learning with the weekly support of me, an English teacher




All of this training is done 100% online and can be completed in your home, office, in a local library, on vacation, or from anywhere you are in the world! All you need is a laptop or tablet, an internet connection, and the motivation to learn and complete the weekly English tasks!

By learning 'Outside the Box' with me, you are going to get out of the traditional classroom and learn in a new way.

  • Forget the irrelevant textbooks
  • Forget the boring material
  • Forget a restricted schedule
  • Forget driving to an English school.
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Throughout this course, you will get weekly feedback from me about your speaking skills, grammar use, and pronunciation with English lessons and materials that I've created with my passion and expertise.


I've been teaching English for over 10 years, and have taught hundreds of students around the world.


My English students love my lessons and can tell you that they're interesting, engaging, and best of all...helpful!


Click here to read more about my student's success stories from learning with English Outside the Box

"Jennifer is an amazing English Teacher. She has a lovely voice and a wonderful American accent. I strongly recommend all of her online courses...."

-Douglas, Brazil

"I have been struggling with the Speaking and Writing parts of TOEFL for a few years but my scores got stuck on S19 W 19. I self-studied with ,many books. I put so much effort and time, but nothing worked out. I was close to giving up.  Luckily for me, I found  English Outside the Box’s program and one of the best teacher I have ever had-Jennifer. I found an amazing woman, an excellent teacher, and an intelligent creator who designed her own programs. We have been working together for a while, have worked on a variety of skills, and reviewed many areas of English. Not only has my overall English  improved and my level of confidence risen, but also my TOEFL speaking and writing scores jumped up to 24 and 25 respectively. Therefore, with Jennifer I have definitely gained a lot. This awesome teacher guided me and helped me to improve. With her professional and detailed explanations,  I was able to eliminate my mistakes and overcome my fears. I highly appreciate her profound knowledge, experience, and strong skills. She is extremely energetic and she has so much patience for her students that her energy and patience is contagious, which encourages me to continue studying. I recommend her to everyone who wants to speak  accurate and fluent English. With Jennifer and English Outside the Box You Will Win."

-Viktoriya, Russia

What is included in this monthly (4-week) training program?

This is a sample curriculum and may vary per month

Week 1: Introduction to the topic

The curriculum will begin with 5 speaking tasks to complete based on a video (or article) English lesson. Various topics will be used to help you improve your ability to communicate and express your opinion.  We'll practice speaking skills almost like we're together in a live lesson, but you'll record your audio answers and you'll receive audio feedback from me to improve your skills.

This week practices listening comprehension, speaking, some pronunciation, vocabulary building, and sometimes reading.

Week 2: Focused Vocabulary Use

Continue your English practice with 5 new speaking tasks using new idioms and phrasal verbs to help you speak more like a native speaker! You'll increase your vocabulary, use more natural language, and get focused practice and real feedback on your speaking and pronunciation skills.

This week practices the use of natural language (idioms & phrasal verbs), speaking, and some pronunciation.

Week 3: Connecting Writing and Speaking Fluency

Review what you've learned and apply it to your daily life, with natural conversation practice, and real use. With a small writing task, you'll identify common mistakes you make in your English and get feedback and instruction on how to improve your weaknesses. I'll help you connect your writing fluency to conversational abilities.

This week gives you real-life application of what you've learned, and you'll practice speaking, writing, and pronunciation.

Week 4: 1-on-1 Skype Lesson

Get 1-on-1 conversation practice with a personal Skype lesson to review the month's information, your questions/doubts, weaknesses, and to get natural speaking practice.

This week practices more personalized speaking and pronunciation!

Are you ready to achieve everyday English fluency?

Sign up and start improving your English today!

Total cost is (US) $139 every 4 weeks. Payments set up on a recurring cycle, you can cancel at any time.

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