Strengths & Goals Workshop Series

Ready to finally start understanding your secret to success and unlocking your strengths to achieve your goals?


The Strengths & Goals Workshop Series is a group-based program with some 1:1 support to help you:

  • discover your English strengths and weaknesses
  • identify your character strengths
  • develop your goals to find more clarity

all so that you can finally become UNSTUCK and start reaching new levels of success in English.


Imagine knowing that what you are studying is actually getting you to reach your goal.

Imagine finally celebrating your goals and wins by speaking English more confidently

Imagine applying for that job sooner than anticipated because you've unlocked your secret to success.


That's all possible in the series, so let's get started!

What is included?

  • 2 group-led online classes to talk about our goals and create action plans
  • 3 surveys and assessments (to identify your strengths)
  • personal 1:1 feedback on your assessments
  • a personalized roadmap with your unique strategy to achieve your goals and reach success
  • private Telegram group


When does it start?

Friday, September 26


What's the schedule?

  1. Assessments will be delivered on September 26 for you to complete
  2. Workshop #1 on Saturday, October 1st 7am PST (Los Angeles Time zone)
  3. Homework and practice October 2-7
  4. Workshop #2 on Saturday October 8 at 7am PST (Los Angeles time zone)

If you can't make the LIVE workshops, don't worry! Both of them will be recorded and sent out to you. You can also send in your questions and homework for live feedback on the call to review later.