Do you need more speaking practice, with real conversations and people?


Are you ready to start using your English more naturally?


Welcome to the Conversation Club with English Outside the Box, a monthly English training program giving you weekly materials and weekly speaking opportunities with teachers and other learners!

In The Conversation Club, you will:

  • finally learn phrasal verbs & natural English expressions & idioms in English and actually USE THEM in conversations
    • reading & listening lessons included to help build vocabulary


  • finally have the opportunity to speak English with a real person nearly every day
    • 6 group conversation calls every month
    • group message community to talk with other members
    • conversation partners & conversation meetups


  • finally feel happy and confident with your level of English
    • connect in a comfortable and safe place with me, another teacher and other members


  • finally have better communication and speaking skills
    • the more you use and practice your English, the stronger your skills will be!

Do you need more details about the club before you join? Do you want to see some sample materials?

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