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ways to ask for repetition in english

10 Ways to Ask Someone to Repeat Something in English

It’s important to know how to ask someone to repeat something in English whether you’re a native speaker or an English learner. In both cases, there are going to be situations that you simply don’t hear what someone said to you. As a learner, there will also be situations that you don’t understand because of how…

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How to Speak English like a native English speaker

How to Speak English like a Native Speaker

Learning how to speak English like a native English speaker just got easier with these 3 tips from my recent (and second) “Everyday English” YouTube Live lesson. I get emails and messages very often asking me for fluency tips, and asking for lessons about speaking English more naturally. I know you, my English learner and English…

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speak english fluently

English Success Story: 3 Tips to Overcome Fear when Speaking English

I am happy to share another student success story with you this week; however, this time I am sharing the story of a personal student of mine. My goal with these success stories is to show you that reaching English goals is a possibility, and you too can achieve success! Mauricio Bucci has been learning…

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