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Minimal Pairs: Pronunciation Problems with TH

There are many parts that are equally important to speaking English fluently. Some of the things we’ve reviewed recently on English Outside the Box have been vocabulary (words of the weekend) and grammar, specifically the future tense. However, knowing what to say, is just as important as knowing HOW to say it. Speaking with accurate…

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Words 1 & 2 of the Weekend: Pack & Rearrange

Why are they useful? Packing is something you will definitely do in your life, if you haven’t already. You’ll pack for a vacation, when you move to a new place, your child’s lunch, or diaper bag, the list could go on. While you’re doing this, chances are, you’ll need more room because things won’t fit. So,…

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Understanding the Future Tense (+ practice)

Think about the amount of times you speak in the future tense: talking about personal plans, work goals, vacations, schedules, predictions, etc… Learning and understanding the various ways you can communicate in the future will help you be more successful in expressing yourself. Remember, even though all of the following tenses are “the future,” each…

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Words 1 & 2 of the Weekend: Anxious & Relieved

Why are they useful? They’re common feelings, especially around the current World Cup events… Or of course, anything you can feel nervous about. ? They’re opposite feelings too. So, you feel relieved, when you no longer feel anxious. EX: Paulo was feeling very anxious before Brazil’s game, but was relieved with their victory. What are…

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Are you in love? Express yourself with these English idioms!

To be in love with someone is certainly a special feeling. I am feeling extra, extra in love today because Paulo and I are celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary. ♥ In honor of us, this post will teach you 7 English idioms related to love and marriage. First, test yourself with 5 common ones. Can…

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