learn english prepositions

How to Learn English Prepositions

A quick search on Google will tell you that there are about 150 English prepositions. Add that to the other vocabulary you need to learn, grammar you need to master, pronunciation, reading skills, listening abilities, etc… and you can begin feeling overwhelmed by it all. But you don’t need to feel overwhelmed when it comes to…

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English Prepositions IN ON English Expressions

English Prepositions: Expressions with IN and ON

Welcome back to my preposition series! If you’re a regular follower, you know that I posted about English Prepositions of Time last month, and promised that I’d continue these lessons with prepositions because they can be so confusing. As I’ve previously mentioned, there are a few ways to learn prepositions, for example, by type: prepositions with TIME,…

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English Prepositions of Time with English Outside the Box

English Prepositions of TIME

Let me begin this post by asking you a question. How often do you feel confused with prepositions? Have you ever used the words IN or ON incorrectly? Do you feel confident with English prepositions of time? It is very possibly that you do get confused with prepositions, have used ON and IN incorrectly and…

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