travel expressions with take

Travel [related] Expressions with TAKE

I am taking a road trip this weekend! This road trip has inspired this week’s 60 Second Saturday English lesson, and today you’re going to learn about travel expressions with TAKE.


Travel Expressions with TAKE

to take a road trip/vacation

Use take when you talk about leaving for a vacation.

I am taking a road trip this weekend.

I am taking a vacation next week.

I took a road trip last year around New Zealand.

to take off

Use this phrasal verb to talk about leaving a place or when your plane leaves the ground and starts to fly into the air.

I am taking off on Friday.

Let’s take off after work.

My plane takes off around 3 and lands at 4.

to take (‘some time’) off

When you leave work for a period of time (or school) you use this expression.

I am taking time off work this week.

I took 4 days off for this trip.

She needs to take some time off.

to take a break

Similar to the expression above, when you stop doing something (like work, school, or a simple project/task) you can ‘take a break’

We’ve been working all day so let’s take a break.

Take a break now and come back in 15 minutes.

Work has been tough, I need to take a break.

to take photos/pictures

I can’t wait to take photos of the mountains this weekend.

I love traveling with him because he takes the best photos!

She never took any pictures on that trip.

Practice Makes Perfect

Answer the following questions in the comments, in your notebook, or on YouTube here.

  1. Are you going to take a road trip soon?
  2. Are you taking off for anything fun in the next month?
  3. When’s the last time you took any time off for yourself?
  4. Do you need to take a break from something?
  5. Do you enjoy taking photos?


I hope you enjoyed today’s quick and super useful 60 Second Saturday lesson. For more 60 Second Saturday videos, click here and watch my YouTube playlist!

Happy Studying! ♥

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