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The “ER” Sound in American English

I’ve been noticing consistent pronunciation difficulties in my private lessons lately, specifically with students having difficulty with the “ER” sound in English. The problems have been with students who speak various languages, and even at multiple levels! These problems come because of issues not only with the sound the consonant “R” makes, but also because…

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Travel with Me, Part 3: Australia

G’day mates! I am onto the next part of my journey, to the land down under! Australia holds such a special place in my heart; a place that I moved to with 3 of my closest friends, and a country where I found the man of my dreams. ♥  Interested in that story? Go ahead and revisit…

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Phrasal Verb Friday: Fall

Did you know that September 23 was the first day of fall?  Maybe you know it as the first day of autumn? Calling this season that takes place between summer and winter “fall” or “autumn” will depend on where you learned English. Fall is used chiefly in American English, and autumn in British English. A fact I find interesting, is…

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Word Reductions in English: American Pronunciation + 5 minute English video

John can watch them today with her, and Paulo can go with him tomorrow. Before we begin, take a second and read that above sentence aloud. If you really want to test yourself and monitor your progress, then I recommend recording yourself reading it. Did you notice anything special or unique about the underlined words?  Once you’ve record yourself, you…

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Phrasal Verb Friday: Work Out

Happy Friday! This week’s phrasal verb Friday post is inspired by the phrasal verb(pv): work out As you probably know, in English sometimes words have more than 1 meaning, and such is the case work out. So, in today’s post, rather than focusing on many different pvs, or just looking at the base verb, we will go over…

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