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Improve English fluency breaking bad and bloodline

Improve English Fluency with Breaking Bad and Bloodline

Have you ever watched a TV show that you just couldn’t get enough of? If you can’t get enough of something, that means you really like it and want a lot of it or a large quantity of it. Have you ever been so hooked on (*so interested in*) a TV show that you wanted…

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Tips to Make English Studying a Habit

5 Tips to Make English Studying a Habit

“I should study more.” “I need to improve my vocabulary.” I want to speak better.” When I asked my students about what they wanted to achieve in 2017 these were some of the top responses. These goals are quite common when a new year begins, because it’s normal and natural for people to want to make…

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Giving Tuesday English Lesson: Vocabulary, Listening, Speaking Practice

Giving Tuesday: A Vocabulary, Listening, & Speaking Lesson

“Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly, and most underrated agent of human change.”  – Bob Kerrey Do you agree with this quote, that unexpected kindness is the most powerful for change? When was the last time you showed someone unexpected kindness? When was the last time someone showed you unexpected kindness? It’s easy…

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Be fluent in English: Prepare for any speaking situation

How You Can Be Prepared for Any Speaking Situation in English

Welcome back to another special blog + video lesson! [Or, if it’s your first time, welcome to learning outside the box!] As you know, the last few weeks have been extra special here on English Outside the Box, because they focused on your October Learning Plan. This week is unique as well because you are going to…

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Learn English Online with English Outside the Box 31 daily English lessons to Improve English Speaking Fluency

October Learning Plan: 31 Daily English Lessons – Week 4 Speaking

If you had to rate your speaking skills on a scale of 1 (not confident/poor) to 10 (extremely confident/fluent), how would you rate yours? Are you happy with your current level of speaking fluency? Most of my students, and even students I don’t personally teach but talk to on Instagram tell me that they want to improve…

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