Giving Tuesday English Lesson: Vocabulary, Listening, Speaking Practice

Giving Tuesday: A Vocabulary, Listening, & Speaking Lesson

“Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly, and most underrated agent of human change.”  – Bob Kerrey

Do you agree with this quote, that unexpected kindness is the most powerful for change? When was the last time you showed someone unexpected kindness? When was the last time someone showed you unexpected kindness?

It’s easy for us to get wrapped up (*fully involved in*) in our own world and forget to do things for other people. Or perhaps we may think that we can’t do enough, or can’t afford to help someone. However, kindness and help doesn’t have to involve money or materials. Kindness can be as simple as a smile, lending someone a shoulder to lean on (*giving someone support*), or just listening. It can be giving someone your knowledge or lending someone your skills. Kindness can be so many things, and this is what #givingTuesday is all about.

This week’s 5 Minute English lesson is so special to me, because I love today. Today, Giving Tuesday, is such a selfless day; it’s all about giving, supporting, and helping others. My first act of kindness today is spreading the word. I want as many people to know about Giving Tuesday as possible, which is why I created this blog + video lesson. This lesson will teach you 6 vocabulary words and expressions from the informational video, as well as provide comprehension questions to practice listening skills. If you continue reading this lesson, you’ll also get speaking practice with the additional review activities.

So are you ready to begin, and ready to learn what Giving Tuesday is all about?

Couldn’t find the Giving Tuesday video? Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

Vocabulary Lesson

In this video you learned the following vocabulary words from the Giving Tuesday Video:

  • movement [noun]: a series of organized activities done by someone or a group of people to achieve something
  • to pay it forward [expression]: to respond to kindness done to/for you by being kind to someone else
  • to make a difference [collocation]: to have an influence on society or someone, to make a positive change
  • get it? got it? [question]: do you understand? did you understand? These are questions checking for the understanding of information
  • it doesn’t matter [expression]: it’s not important
  • impact [noun]: a big or power influence or effect on someone or something

Listening Lesson

Did you have a hard time understanding my listening comprehension questions? Do you need to double check your notes and what you wrote down? Here are the listening comprehension questions for you to answer from the Giving Tuesday video:

  1. What is Giving Tuesday? What does the video explain it is and what does it mean to you?
  2. What can you give on Giving Tuesday? (write down as many suggestions from the video)
  3. After you give, what does the video say you can do?
  4. Complete the following sentence: Little actions can make a big ________.

Check your answers below, at the bottom of this post.

Speaking Lesson

If you want to improve your speaking skills, then most importantly, you need to speak. So how can you practice your speaking skills this week? Here are a few ways:

  • tell someone you know about Giving Tuesday (in English)
  • record yourself talking about Giving Tuesday (what is it and how will you get involved?) and upload it to your Instagram or Snapchat story
  • record your answers to the comprehension questions and upload the video in English Outside the Box’s Facebook group
  • find a conversation partner in our Facebook group and exchange Giving Tuesday ideas
  • connect with the Giving Tuesday community on Facebook and upload a video telling them how you got involved
  • let’s connect on Skype and talk about giving, making a difference, paying it forward and more. Sign up for your online classes now, or see below for a special opportunity.

My #givingTuesday Contributions for 2016

One of the easiest things we can do on this special day is to spread the word, which is what I hope to do with this lesson. Even if you don’t have a chance to give back today, you can spread the knowledge of Giving Tuesday and show unexpected kindness every day throughout the year. And, now that you know what Giving Tuesday is, you can be prepared to get even more involved next year!

In addition to spreading the knowledge, I plan to give back to my community by donating clothes and food to a local homeless shelter. Maybe you can do the same, and find a shelter in need near you.

Finally, I wanted to give something special back to you, my English learners, readers, and students. So what am I giving and how can you get your hands on it (*receive it*)?

I am going to give away a couple of products, courses, and services to some students who really need English and are really motivated to learn. Here are the goodies (*the good stuff*):

  1. (1) e-book from my “Use Better Grammar: The Complete Time Tenses” course. This e-book will explain all 12 time tenses, and give detailed information on structure, use, and important notes. Inside the book is also 40 exercises to practice speaking with these tenses
  2. (2) 30-minute Skype conversation classes. 2 students will meet for 30 minutes with me on Skype to practice and improve their speaking skills
  3. (3) of my “English Pronunciation for Portuguese Speakers” course, a self-study video course to help native Portuguese speakers improve their pronunciation skills.


*note this #givingTuesday offer has expired*

How do you get one of these?

Send me an e-mail telling me which one of the gifts you would like to receive and why. Include the following information in your e-mail:

  • what gift you want to receive
  • why you want the gift
  • what your English goal is and how the gift will help you
  • 1 way you want to give back on Giving Tuesday

Send me your email by Monday, December 5th (2016). On Tuesday, 5 people will be selected for the gifts stated above. I’ll send you a response, if you got the gift, by Wednesday, December 7 (2016).


So how will you get involved with the movement? How will you make a difference? Will you try to make an impact? Practice your new vocabulary and phrases by writing your answers in the comments below. You’ll get writing & vocabulary practice, so it’s a double win!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s lesson and until next time,

Happy Studying ♥

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Listening Comprehension Answers:
  1. a global day of giving that’s grown into a movement uniting people around the world. After you get (black Friday) and get (cyber Monday) you get a chance to give. Pay it forward, inspire others, and make a difference
  2. a dollar, a home, a tree, your time, your skills, your voice, find something you care about and give, tell people about it
  3. give and then tell people about it – sharing will inspire others
  4. Little actions can make a big impact.
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