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practice and improve writing in english

8 Ways to Practice and Improve Writing in English

A lot of English learners don’t realize the importance of writing in English. If you are one of these learners, you might think that you don’t need to practice writing because you only want to use English while traveling or informally with friends, for example. Many students believe that they can ignore writing if their…

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be fluent in english

The Best of “5 Minute English” for English Fluency

In order to be fluent in English you need to be able to “express yourself easily”. Although many learners only think of speaking skills when it comes to fluency and expressing oneself, this isn’t true! In order to be fluent, you have to master a variety of skills. You need to understand grammar. Your listening skills…

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Learn English Online with English Outside the Box 31 daily lessons to improve English writing fluency

October Learning Plan: 31 Daily English Lessons – Week 3 Writing

Writing skills are incredibly important when learning English, because you’ll use these skills to communicate both formally and informally. You’ll need writing skills to communicate with friends in other cities via messages, e-mails, Whatsapp, etc; if you are going to use English professionally, you’ll need to know more formal styles of writing, like e-mails and…

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How to Talk about Love and Dating in English for Valentine’s Day + 25 helpful verbs and expressions

Did you know that the official day of love and romance is right around the corner? Okay, Valentine’s Day might just be a “Hallmark holiday” (which means it was just created by the largely famous greeting card company called Hallmark to make them profits), but we can’t deny that love is in the air around this…

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August Learning Plan: Improve your English skills in 4 weeks

Hey…Hey! Happy August! ♥ But, ummm…. where did July go?! This summer has just flown by, and I can’t believe we’re entering the second half of the year. Before we know it, it’ll be my birthday (woooo! 😉 ), the holiday season, and then, BAM, 2016! I am already getting ahead of myself here, so let’s…

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