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Creativity Tuesday: Mariah

Let’s dive right into (begin) Creativity Tuesday today by exploring the idea of CONTRASTS (things that differ from one another in an obvious way): Black | White. Light | Dark. New | Old. Classic | Modern. Simplicity | Complexity. What makes these contrasting words so obviously different from one another? If you guessed opposites, then you hit the nail right…

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Creativity Tuesday: Monsoons

#tucsonsunset Search that hashtag and you are bound to see (you’ll definitely see) some of the beauty that monsoon season brings to Tucson, Arizona. This is of course assuming you’re searching this hashtag during the season, July-September (ish). Everyone talked a lot about this season when I first arrived in the city, and having finally experienced the crazy…

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Creativity Tuesday: Burn Baby Burn + a Piano

What is a “burner”? It’s that time again, Creativity Tuesday!  I know it is way overdue (apologies for that, it’s been crazy after #ALP). If you aren’t familiar with #creativitytuesday, then you are in for a treat! Enjoy some beautiful photography, and be inspired to improve your writing through creative expression. Each Creativity Tuesday post will feature a different photographer…

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Creativity Tuesday: Love Unites

Love is in the air, can you feel it? Welcome back to Creativity Tuesday, a new recurring post that I hope inspires your creative side through beautiful photography and art. Each Creativity Tuesday post will feature a different photographer or artist, and will give you an opportunity to practice and improve your writing skills. Using the photo provided,…

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Creativity Tuesday: The Livegram Project

Welcome to English Outside the Box’s newest theme post, Creativity Tuesday! Creativity Tuesday is going to be a recurring theme that will give you opportunities to practice and improve your writing skills, as well as review some reading. The name is simple; it will be posted Tuesdays, and it is a way to explore your creativity,…

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