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how to have small talk in English

How to Have Small Talk in English

Small talk is often referred to as an “art” (and many books are sold about it) because it requires a skill to create and maintain an engaging conversation with someone. So if you’re trying to learn English, and lack confidence to communicate, how are you suppose to master and perfect this skill? If you feel uncomfortable…

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everyday english expressions to help conversations and english fluency

Everyday English Expressions to Help Conversations

English fluency is the ability to speak English easily and smoothly, and part of this is being able to move through a conversation, redirect something when needed, give more details, or organize what wants to be said. Expressions are helpful in doing this, but these expressions aren’t always found in the dictionary. Luckily, you’re in the right…

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“Talk the talk and walk the walk” Idiom exercise ANSWERS

“Talk the talk and walk the walk” Idiom exercise ANSWERS See my Instagram for the answers to the conversation idioms exercise posted on Wednesday! Be sure to follow for more exercises, and even more exciting challenges coming soon!   <3

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“Talk the Talk & Walk the Walk” with these Conversation English Idioms (+ exercise)

   So, do you think you can talk the talk and walk the walk? Well, after learning these useful idioms related to conversation, language, and speaking, you definitely will be able to! Communication is so important, we rely on it day in..and day out (24/7…all the time!). Don’t bite your tongue, be sure to ask…

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