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Travel with Me, Part 2b: Of Monsters and Men

Happy Sunday! It’s the last day of the music festival here at Austin City Limits, and it’s been an amazing time! If you are just visiting the blog, WELCOME, and you’re not too late to travel with me on my current vacation. For the next couple of weeks, I’ll be posting a “Travel with Me”…

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August Learning Plan: Week 2 Speaking Challenge!

Happy Hump Day English learners and lovers! Welcome to week 2 of the August Learning Plan, 7 days dedicated to SPEAKING! This is something that the majority of English learners want to practice, something that I get asked about all the time. If you are someone who wants to.. improve conversational abilities gain more confidence…

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Phrasal Verb Friday: Work Out

Happy Friday! This week’s phrasal verb Friday post is inspired by the phrasal verb(pv): work out As you probably know, in English sometimes words have more than 1 meaning, and such is the case work out. So, in today’s post, rather than focusing on many different pvs, or just looking at the base verb, we will go over…

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Reading & Listening Comprehension with Bree Elizabeth | Part 2

Happy Friday! Yes, technically, I can still say that because here on the West Coast we still have 47 minutes left. So TGIF! Today we are finally posting Part 2 of Reading Comprehension with Bree Elizabeth, and apologies for keeping you all on the edge of your seats in suspense, waiting for what was going…

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Learn English online with English Outside the Box

Learn and Improve English with Instagram

Hello my “out of the box” readers! I hope this day finds you feeling happy and magical! Today’s post is to share with you yet another way I am connecting you with learning opportunities “outside the box”, outside the norm, and outside of ways you ever even dreamed possible! For most people, Instagram is a…

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