Reading & Listening Comprehension with Bree Elizabeth | Part 2

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Today we are finally posting Part 2 of Reading Comprehension with Bree Elizabeth, and apologies for keeping you all on the edge of your seats in suspense, waiting for what was going to happen to our mystery girl- and guess what, she has a name that we find out today! I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed the content in between: phrasal verbs, vocabulary, Instagram, 5 minute English, and more!

Today’s post is a combination of English Outside the Box’s learning blog and YouTube channel! So if you haven’t already watched and listened to the video on Youtube, then head on over –> quick link:

This lesson encourages you to first practice listening comprehension (with the above video). I want you to take notes, and then answer the following questions regarding the story’s details. See if you can answer these questions before you read below, and definitely before you check the answers on the bottom of the post. If you want an additional challenge, then after you finish listening to the video, summarize what you heard. Check your understanding and your summary with the written version of the story in this post. All of this can be done in under 20 minutes, it’s fun, interactive, and you’ll be one step closer to your desired English fluency! Good Luck!

Listening Comprehension Questions:
1. What were the 2 reasons the taxi driver said that traffic was slow?
2. TRUE OR FALSE: Maxwell Milton was not at the office when Olivia arrived because he was washing his car.
3. TRUE OR FALSE: Olivia had to wait for Maxwell a long time in the office lobby for Maxwell to arrive.
4. Why did Olivia blush when she saw Maxwell?
5. Why did Maxwell say Olivia was his hero?
6. TRUE OR FALSE: Olivia got the job she had been wishing for.

Have you already listened to the video on Youtube, answered the questions, and summarized what you heard? Then read below to check your answers.


Traffic moved as slow as ever. I looked out the window on my left and then the window on my right. We were moving slower than a snail. “I’m already late,” I said, interrupting the driver’s consistent talking.
“Oh, bummer!” he said, looking at me in the rear view mirror. “Traffic is pretty bad this morning. There must be road work or maybe an accident up ahead.” He continued talking, but I tuned him out, trying to come up with a new plan.
I quickly threw some money over the front of the seat and rushed out the back door. I darted in front of another, almost identical taxi, in the next lane. The slow moving car didn’t stop as I thought he would, so I leapt up. I slid over the top of the hood and landed on the other side. The horn honked as loud as it could, making me lose my concentration and almost ruin my landing. “Get out of the street!” an angry voice yelled. As I ran, I quickly waved back and yelled in reply: “Sorry!”
Once I got to the sidewalk, I continued to hurry down the street. I had two blocks to go. I had to move fast, but also avoid colliding with another pedestrian. “Excuse me, pardon me, sorry, I beg your pardon…” I weaved in and out of the lines of people and crossed the street at a run.

I finally made it to the tall, grey building. I looked up at all seventy-five floors in awe, and then quickly made my way to the front door. I approached the female clerk in the lobby and quickly explained my situation; that I had a meeting, but the cab had a flat tire, “and some guy tried to steal someone else’s car, but I stopped him, and then I ran.” I stopped to catch my breath after talking so fast.
The clerk just looked at me, trying to decipher what I was talking about. I pushed a piece of hair out of my face and calmly told the woman who I was here to meet. “I have an appointment with Maxwell Milton.”
The secretary nodded and smiled. “Oh, I see. Well, Mr. Milton was actually called out for a personal emergency. He should be back very soon. You can have a seat in the chair behind-”
Suddenly, the door burst open and a man with a name tag reading Max Milton, rushed into the lobby. “Oh man, Rachel,” he started to say. “You won’t believe what happened!” He looked at the clerk. “My assistant took my car to the carwash and some guy tried to steal it!”
“What?” Rachel gasped. “That’s terrible!”
“And guess what?” Milton put his car keys into his pocket. “My assistant said some girl sprayed the guy with mace!” he laughed. “And ran off!” Then he looked at me, as if realizing for the first time I was there. “Hello,” he said. He smiled as he pulled the expensive sunglasses from his face.
Rachel, the clerk, suddenly sat up straight in her chair. “Mr. Milton, this is Olivia, your nine am meeting.”
I looked at Milton and blushed. He wasn’t much older than I was and was very, very handsome. I smiled and shook his hand, doing my best to introduce myself. “Hello, sir. First of all, I’d just like to say I’m sorry about the dent in your car. The guy fell into the car after I the sprayed the mace.”
For a moment, Milton held on to my hand, too surprised to keep shaking it. After he thought about it for a moment, he started laughing. “Oh man, thank you!” he said. “Hey, my hero!” he joked. “Why don’t we go up to my office and finish the meeting there?” He put a friendly hand on my shoulder and led me to the elevators behind the clerk’s desk.

I stepped inside the elevator and brushed a wrinkle out of my dress. Milton stepped inside the elevator as well. “Today’s a good day for you, I’d expect. First you stop a car thief…” he pressed the number twenty-eight out of several rows of numbers on the panel. “…and then you get a job.” The doors closed just as I realized the job of my dreams was mine.

Was the story what you had expected? Did you make accurate predictions from Part 1’s post?

If there is any vocabulary you don’t understand in the story, including expressions or phrasal verbs, please let me know in the comment section so I can help you and other readers who might also be confused!

Once you’ve completed the questions, see the answers below and as always THANKS for the love and support. Please share this post with a fellow English lover and…

Happy Studying! ♥

1. road construction/work or an accident
2. FALSE – his assistant was washing his car, he left for a “personal emergency”
3. FALSE – she didn’t wait at all. Before the clerk could finish her sentence, he walked in.
4. Olivia thought he was handsome, and not not much older than she was
5. Olivia had “saved” his car by spraying the thief with mace
6. TRUE- Maxwell said it was her lucky day because she got a job

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