English phrases with compliment

4 English Phrases with COMPLIMENT

Hey, you. Yes, you! The person reading this blog lesson. Your motivation is an inspiration to those around you, including me! I hope you know that today, and every day, you are appreciated! In honor of National Compliment Day, it’s only appropriate to start the lesson with…. a compliment, to you! Thanks for continuously sharing your…

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English idioms with feet

15 English Idioms with FEET

As you (now) know, everything I teach on this blog, Instagram, YouTube, and other teaching platforms is #REALenglish. I use this hashtag to let my learners, to let you, know that what I am teaching you is useful for your everyday English use and conversations. Nothing is ever outdated (*old*) or too formal for conversations.…

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Increase English Fluency: pregnancy in English

How to Talk about Pregnancy in English

There is a very good chance that you or someone you know is pregnant, or has been pregnant at some point in your life. Pregnancy is an exciting time, welcoming a new life into the world and everyone wants to talk about it! Your friends, family, colleagues, even strangers on the street talk to one another…

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English Idioms FALL, learn English online with English Outside the Box

English Idioms with FALL

Oh, fall. That colorful season that brings cooler weather, bright leaves, pumpkin everything, and the start of a busy holiday season here in the United States. Typically, I am not a fan (*I don’t like*) fall because I love the heat, the beach, the sun, and everything that relates to summer! This year is different…

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