English idioms sickness

Everyday English: Idioms about Sickness

It’s cold season here in the States, and I am not talking about the weather. “Cold” can also be a noun, and it’s a common illness that can affect your eyes, nose, throat and makes you not feel very well. Unfortunately, everyone deals with the common cold, so as a fluent English speaker you should…

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Learn English Idioms with Throat and English Outside the Box

Learn English Idioms with Throat

Idioms! Idioms! Idioms! English idioms are so much fun to teach because they are so common, are so interesting, and really help English learners become more fluent in their listening and speaking skills. If you’ve been learning with me for a while, then you know that I highly recommend learning idioms by theme for easier…

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Earth Day Idioms & English Expressions + video

This blog post is an updated article from a few years ago. I’ve added a 5 minute English video, and a new idiom for your learning pleasure! The post is inspired by Earth Day, which is right tomorrow, Friday April 22! In honor of our loving Mother Earth, I hope you enjoy the post. Below, in the…

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LuLu’s favorite idioms: CATS!

What are LuLu’s favorite idioms? Anything related to cats, of course! Below you will find some common cat related idioms and their definitions. *remember, to practice, I encourage you to write a comment below using the new idioms in context. Write a story, a sentence, anything to utilize them. Or, introduce your own cat related…

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