Earth Day Idioms & English Expressions + video

This blog post is an updated article from a few years ago. I’ve added a 5 minute English video, and a new idiom for your learning pleasure!

The post is inspired by Earth Day, which is right tomorrow, Friday April 22! In honor of our loving Mother Earth, I hope you enjoy the post. Below, in the introduction, you will also see other expressions related to the Earth (about nature, things in the environment, etc..) and you can read the idiom underlined and the definition italicized and in ( ) parenthesis.

Learning is a ray of sunshine (something that brings happiness) to me! The opportunity to teach others is like heaven on earth (a very enjoyable situation, thing, place)  I am not going to beat around the bush (to avoid saying something by talking about other things), I will come out and directly say it! Idioms (and other expressions) are one of my favorite things to teach because not only are they so fun, they are such a huge part of fluency and English conversations.

These 3 idioms just mentioned are only the tip of the iceberg (a small part of something bigger), below are some more idioms, definitions, and examples with very common and useful idioms about our world. First, I invite you to watch the 5 minute English video lesson below. This video will review the idioms below with examples, and give you listening comprehension practice. 

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Now, let’s review what we learned in the video…

1. nothing like it on earthused to say that something is very unique or rare, or so incredible that there is nothing else to compare it to in the entire world (often used in an exaggerated way)

  Ex: The view from the top of our roof stretches across San Diego Bay, there is nothing like it on earth.

2. go to the ends of the earthto do everything and anything possible to achieve something. It’s often followed with “+ to do something” (similar to: “move heaven and earth”)

Ex: Lucy’s mother often goes to the ends of the earth for her, making sure she has everything she needs, and always giving full support.

Ex: Dylan would go to the ends of the earth to become a successful musician, it has always been his passion.

2 (a). move heaven and earthwork very hard to do something  (similar to: “go to the ends of the earth”)

 Ex: Taylor would move heaven and earth to give his wife a special surprise for her birthday.

3. down-to-eartheasy to talk to (one who doesn’t think too highly of themselves), practical and sensible 

Ex: Paulo is so down-to-earth, even though is a world-famous chef.

4. What/Where/Why on earth?“on earth” is used to add emphasis or force to the question word 

Ex:   Why on earth are we going to that restaurant?! You know I really don’t like it!

Ex:   What on earth are you wearing?! It’s snowing outside, and you are wearing a dress!

5. promise the earth: to promise something (say that you will do/give something) that is likely impossible to do/give 

Ex:   Politicians often promise the earth during their election campaigns; however, not much is actually followed through with

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If you are not currently signed up for online classes, then you can write your practice sentences below in the comments. I will provide feedback as soon as I can!

Finally, I would love if you shared these idioms with someone who loves nature, our earth, the environment, language, learning, and/or idioms! Thank you!

Happy Studying and Happy Earth Day! ♥


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