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TOEFL Writing Tips for the Independent Essay

Oh, the TOEFL test. If you are not familiar with the TOEFL, then let me give you a little information. It stands for “Test of English as a Foreign Language,” and is an exam that is often required for non-native English speakers who wish to work, study, and (sometimes) live abroad. Most universities will require this…

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5 Minute English | Christmas Vocabulary with Pictures and Video!

Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings to you, wherever you are in the world and to whatever you may or may not be celebrating today. Even if you aren’t decking the halls (decorating your house) with Christmas or holiday decorations, chances are you have seen a movie related to Christmas or have…

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What is a Stative Verb in English?

Today we’re going to talk about 2 kinds of verbs These 2 English verbs are: action verbs and non-action verbs, otherwise known as stative verbs. Action verbs are easy, they’re the majority of the words you use daily when you communicate what you are doing. For example, right you are reading this post and I was writing…

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How to Talk about AGE in English

AGE Sure age is just a number, but it’s just a number that you have talked about in the past, a number you’ve probably talked about this week, and a number you’ll most certainly talk about in the years to come. Talking about your age is almost inevitable when you are meeting someone new, introducing…

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English Idioms, Expressions, and Vocabulary for Shopping with English Outside the Box

English Expressions, Vocabulary, and Idioms for Shopping

Today seems like the perfect day to share with you some English expressions and English idioms related to shopping, since this weekend marks the busiest shopping time of the year. Not only do we have Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving, this year marks the 10th anniversary of Cyber Monday, a day dedicated to online deals…

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