object and subject questions in English

Object VS Subject Questions in English

If you’ve been following English Outside the Box the past couple of weeks, you have been reviewing a lot of information about questions. We’ve talked about the basic structure of questions, embedded and indirect questions, and maybe you have wondered about the difference between object and subject questions in English. So, to close “question month”, let’s compare…

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embedded questions in english

How to Use Embedded Questions in English

I am not sure if you’ve studied embedded questions in English before. Can you tell me in the comments what confusions you have about embedded questions? I am wondering how much you have studied them… I also hope that you realized this lesson has already begun and includes 3 examples of embedded questions above. Do you…

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question structure english

How to Ask Questions in English: Question Structure

There are many different types of questions in English, various ways to ask them, and questions are necessary for starting and maintaining English Conversations. How do you ask questions in English? What’s the correct question structure in English? Do auxiliary verbs go before or after the subject? What about tenses? There are all kinds of…

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past perfect practice

Past Perfect Practice: How to use the Past Perfect

The foundation of your English relies on your understanding of the time tenses in English. In order to effectively talk about the present, past, and future, you need to be able to differentiate these 3 tenses. However, within those 3 tenses, there are differences between the simple, progressive, and perfect structures. Are you comfortable with the differences?…

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how to talk about moving in English

How to talk about Moving in English [naturally]!

I am excited to announce that we’ve officially moved out of our house, and have moved away from the desert! Today’s English lesson is being taught a little closer to my old stomping grounds, and much closer to the beach! We spent this last weekend packing up our house and loading up a moving truck! I…

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