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How to Use the Present Perfect

How to Use the Present Perfect and Present Perfect Progressive Naturally in English

If you feel confused by the present perfect tense, then don’t worry you’re not alone! This time tense and the present perfect progressive are the grammar points I receive the most questions about! However, they are commonly used in English and luckily there are tips and tricks you can learn so you know how to…

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adverbs of frequency

Adverbs of Frequency

There are several types of adverbs and different places that adverbs can go within a sentence. While this can make them confusing, they don’t need to be! This lesson will go into some specifics and tell you more about adverbs of frequency in English and where they are placed in a sentence. Adverbs of Frequency…

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common verb preposition combinations

Common Verb + Preposition (TO) Combinations in English (& Mistakes)

Some verbs need prepositions while others don’t. Do you know what some of these verbs are? Learn some common verb + preposition combinations and mistakes to avoid is today’s 60 Second Saturday lesson: Common Verb Preposition Combinations Verbs that need TO talk Talk to me! I won’t talk to her about it. We talk to…

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have not vs do not have

Have not VERSUS Do not Have: What’s the Difference?

Have you ever wondered what the difference between HAVE NOT and DO NOT HAVE was? Do you think you’ve ever confused the two and made a mistake while using English? If you have made the mistake of confusing the two, you’re not alone! In today’s American English lesson, let’s review have not VS do not…

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60 second saturday English lessons

Best of 60 Second Saturday

60 Second Saturday was born on my Instagram, with the exciting addition of extended 60-second video lengths last year. I was on a mission to teach mini-lessons every week, giving my learners a helpful resource they could easily and conveniently add to their study routine. After a year of doing 60 Second Saturdays on Instagram,…

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