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Phrasal Verb Friday: Fall

Did you know that September 23 was the first day of fall?  Maybe you know it as the first day of autumn? Calling this season that takes place between summer and winter “fall” or “autumn” will depend on where you learned English. Fall is used chiefly in American English, and autumn in British English. A fact I find interesting, is…

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Phrasal Verb Friday: Work Out

Happy Friday! This week’s phrasal verb Friday post is inspired by the phrasal verb(pv): work out As you probably know, in English sometimes words have more than 1 meaning, and such is the case work out. So, in today’s post, rather than focusing on many different pvs, or just looking at the base verb, we will go over…

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Phrasal Verb Friday: Summertime!

Happy Friday! ♥ It already feels like summertime here in Tucson, 106° today, and even hotter earlier this week; however, the first official day of summer is this Sunday, June 21. The summer solstice is just a few days away, so I wanted to share some summer related phrasal verbs with you on the blog, with…

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Phrasal Verb Friday: Paulo and Jennifer’s Love Story

Happy Friday! Today is an extra special day for me, not only is it phrasal verb Friday (wooo!), and Valentine’s Day in Brazil (feliz dia dos namorados gente! – Happy Valentine’s Day gang!), it’s also the day Paulo and I celebrate 6 years of life together! Yes, it’s our anniversary. Just to specify, it’s not our wedding…

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Phrasal Verb Friday: Actions around the House

Happy Friday! Before sitting down to write this wonderful Phrasal Verb Friday post, I was busy tidying up the house. I had to take out the trash, put away the dishes and do the laundry, which included: picking up the dirty clothes from the floor (oops!!) and hanging up all of the freshly washed clothes to…

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