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the L sound in American English Pronunciation

Pronunciation: The “L” in American English

Even though the “L” sound in American English may seem like a basic consonant and a simple sound to produce, I actually come across a lot of English learners who have difficulties in making the correct sound. My Japanese and Korean speakers often confuse the “L” and the “R” sound. Portuguese speakers have the most difficulty with…

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english pronunciation tips

English Pronunciation Tips: 3 Difficult Words & How to Pronounce Them

Although many English learners find linking and word reductions quite difficult, it actually makes pronunciation much easier! You aren’t required to put so much effort into producing the language when you link and reduce words within a sentence. There are many rules to learn and principles to practice for accurate linking and more natural English…

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learn phrasal verbs

Everyday English: Dictation Practice to Learn Phrasal Verbs & Pronunciation

Every Saturday, I have been giving a live “Everyday English” lesson on my YouTube channel to teach more everyday English skills. These (everyday) English skills help learners use English more comfortably and confidently in daily life. We’ve reviewed a lot of important points over the past several weeks, skills like grammar, pronunciation, test prep, phrasal…

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schwa in American english

Everyday English Pronunciation: The Schwa in American English

How comfortable are you pronouncing the most common sound in American English? Do you know what the most common sound is? If you answered the schwa sound, then you are absolutely correct. If you are not completely comfortable with this sound, or need some more practice then you are in the right place with this…

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How to Speak English like a native English speaker

How to Speak English like a Native Speaker

Learning how to speak English like a native English speaker just got easier with these 3 tips from my recent (and second) “Everyday English” YouTube Live lesson. I get emails and messages very often asking me for fluency tips, and asking for lessons about speaking English more naturally. I know you, my English learner and English…

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