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how to have small talk in English

How to Have Small Talk in English

Small talk is often referred to as an “art” (and many books are sold about it) because it requires a skill to create and maintain an engaging conversation with someone. So if you’re trying to learn English, and lack confidence to communicate, how are you suppose to master and perfect this skill? If you feel uncomfortable…

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be fluent in english

The Best of “5 Minute English” for English Fluency

In order to be fluent in English you need to be able to “express yourself easily”. Although many learners only think of speaking skills when it comes to fluency and expressing oneself, this isn’t true! In order to be fluent, you have to master a variety of skills. You need to understand grammar. Your listening skills…

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Improve English fluency breaking bad and bloodline

Improve English Fluency with Breaking Bad and Bloodline

Have you ever watched a TV show that you just couldn’t get enough of? If you can’t get enough of something, that means you really like it and want a lot of it or a large quantity of it. Have you ever been so hooked on (*so interested in*) a TV show that you wanted…

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speak english fluently

English Success Story: 3 Tips to Overcome Fear when Speaking English

I am happy to share another student success story with you this week; however, this time I am sharing the story of a personal student of mine. My goal with these success stories is to show you that reaching English goals is a possibility, and you too can achieve success! Mauricio Bucci has been learning…

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Giving Tuesday English Lesson: Vocabulary, Listening, Speaking Practice

Giving Tuesday: A Vocabulary, Listening, & Speaking Lesson

“Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly, and most underrated agent of human change.”  – Bob Kerrey Do you agree with this quote, that unexpected kindness is the most powerful for change? When was the last time you showed someone unexpected kindness? When was the last time someone showed you unexpected kindness? It’s easy…

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