TOEFL speaking question 1

TOEFL Speaking: Question 1

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for more test preparation materials, especially to help students with the speaking section of the TOEFL. I’ve helped many students pass the TOEFL exam, reach their goals, get into universities, obtain new jobs, and overcome obstacles in this challenging test. Today I want to share information, tips, and…

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TOEFL Writing Tips for the Independent Essay

Oh, the TOEFL test. If you are not familiar with the TOEFL, then let me give you a little information. It stands for “Test of English as a Foreign Language,” and is an exam that is often required for non-native English speakers who wish to work, study, and (sometimes) live abroad. Most universities will require this…

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Word 1 of the Weekend: gist

Why is it useful ? It’s a type of TOEFL (academic English test) question, and sometimes, especially while learning, understanding the basic idea of something is the most important part. You can use it to summarize main ideas of a long story, or reiterate what was said. How can you use “gist” in a sentence?…

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