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7 ways to learn vocabulary in english

7 Ways to Learn Vocabulary in English

What’s the key to English fluency and success? You must understand that English fluency is like a big 100000 piece puzzle that takes dedication, hard work, lots of thinking and strategy, as well as knowing what pieces are needed to finish it. A lot of those pieces (to the English fluency puzzle) are a variety…

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airport vocabulary in english

Airport Vocabulary in English

Do you have an upcoming vacation? Have you ever felt lost in an airport trying to use your English? Today’s lesson will give you the most important airport vocabulary in English to help you on your next trip! You’re going to learn the words naturally in context as I explain the meaning with examples. This…

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computer and technical English Vocabulary

Important Computer and Technical English Vocabulary

I’ve been hacked! The great news is that I can now use this as an opportunity to teach you important and incredibly useful English vocabulary. I realized, while on hold with Apple support, that many words were used that could be unknown or new to an English learner. That is why today we are talking…

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