how to learn vocabulary

How to Learn Vocabulary

Vocabulary: the words that a person knows and uses. This is how Merriam-Webster Learner’s Dictionary defines the word vocabulary. So if you need to use English, then it’s obvious you need to increase your vocabulary. This is not new information or something you didn’t already know, but I am sure you struggle with learning and using new…

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improve english vocabulary

4 Ways to Improve English Vocabulary

If you’re like most of my students, you struggle with learning new vocabulary words and applying them (using them) in your English conversations. In order to successfully learn and use new English vocabulary, you need to be reviewing them in a variety of ways and doing more than just writing down the definition. How can…

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English phrases with compliment

4 English Phrases with COMPLIMENT

Hey, you. Yes, you! The person reading this blog lesson. Your motivation is an inspiration to those around you, including me! I hope you know that today, and every day, you are appreciated! In honor of National Compliment Day, it’s only appropriate to start the lesson with…. a compliment, to you! Thanks for continuously sharing your…

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English idioms with feet

15 English Idioms with FEET

As you (now) know, everything I teach on this blog, Instagram, YouTube, and other teaching platforms is #REALenglish. I use this hashtag to let my learners, to let you, know that what I am teaching you is useful for your everyday English use and conversations. Nothing is ever outdated (*old*) or too formal for conversations.…

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