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Creativity Tuesday: Monsoons

#tucsonsunset Search that hashtag and you are bound to see (you’ll definitely see) some of the beauty that monsoon season brings to Tucson, Arizona. This is of course assuming you’re searching this hashtag during the season, July-September (ish). Everyone talked a lot about this season when I first arrived in the city, and having finally experienced the crazy…

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Creativity Tuesday: Burn Baby Burn + a Piano

What is a “burner”? It’s that time again, Creativity Tuesday!  I know it is way overdue (apologies for that, it’s been crazy after #ALP). If you aren’t familiar with #creativitytuesday, then you are in for a treat! Enjoy some beautiful photography, and be inspired to improve your writing through creative expression. Each Creativity Tuesday post will feature a different photographer…

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Creativity Tuesday: Love Unites

Love is in the air, can you feel it? Welcome back to Creativity Tuesday, a new recurring post that I hope inspires your creative side through beautiful photography and art. Each Creativity Tuesday post will feature a different photographer or artist, and will give you an opportunity to practice and improve your writing skills. Using the photo provided,…

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Writing Stylistics

Hello!  Happy Hump Day, Writing Stylistics Day and Writing Week! There is so much to celebrate! ♥ It’s crazy to think that we’re already mid-week of the third week of my August Learning Plan. We’ve already covered so much content, improved reading skills, practiced speaking, and got creative with our writing! The fun doesn’t stop there…

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Free Friday: Confusing Words + Spelling Help!

TGIF! Thanks God? or Thank God? The correct answer is Thank God, with no “s.”  “Thanks” is used singularly, as a short way to show your appreciation. It is never used with a direct object. Are there other common words and/or spellings that you often question? You’re probably not alone, which is why these incredible…

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