Free Friday: Confusing Words + Spelling Help!


Thanks God? or Thank God?

The correct answer is Thank God, with no “s.”  “Thanks” is used singularly, as a short way to show your appreciation. It is never used with a direct object. Are there other common words and/or spellings that you often question? You’re probably not alone, which is why these incredible infographics exist! With the help of this colorful lesson, I hope you are taking away some very valuable information, and improve the way you present yourself through words!

Here are some commonly misused words. I would say that LIE vs LAY is at the top of the list for most misused, despite its position on the bottom of the infographic.

Try using some, and creating your own sentences.


Next on today’s Free Friday lesson: “Getting a Grip on Good Grammar” with 10 excellent tips to perfect your writing.

Did you say the word, “perfect” correctly in the sentence above? Check out my pronunciation post to double check~ Heterophomes.


Nail your spelling with this helpful post highlighting common words that often cause mistakes.


You may see some repeats in these 3 infographics, but that’ll show you how common mistakes can be! Better your English and better express yourself by avoiding these errors.

Care to show off your new skills? Go ahead…. share with English Outside the Box’s other readers, don’t be shy.

Happy Studying! ♥


Note bottom of infographics for credits and sources.

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