when a t sounds like a d

Everyday English LIVE Lesson: When a T sounds like a D

“Progress is impossible without change….” George Bernard Shaw Change is necessary for a lot of things, like progress and moving forward. It’s important for growth, and it’s always important if you’re wanting to see a different result. You may have noticed a change here on English Outside the Box. I have made some changes, and…

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English Phrasal Verbs with hand, learn more with English Outside the Box

5 English Phrasal Verbs with Hand

As an English learner, phrasal verbs are something you can assume you will be learning indefinitely (*a period of time that won’t end*) because there are so many of these verbs, some with multiple meanings, and they are so common in English. Phrasal verbs will add a new level of fluency to your English level,…

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American English Pronunciation Heteronyms with English Outside the Box

American English Pronunciation: Heteronyms

I was inspired for this post today after realizing the difficulty that many students have with the pronunciation of heteronyms (words that are spelled the same but pronounced differently). In the past week,  I had 3, yes 3, conversations with different students about this very topic. The idea that words can look the same, but…

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