Understand English Possessives with English Outside the Box

Understand English Possessives

As I think about the topics to write on my blog for you, I often consider what your biggest difficulties may be. Yours may differ from another English learner, and another reader’s weakness may differ from yours.  This week I realized how confusing POSSESSIVES could be in English, and I thought do my readers really…

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Learn English Idioms with BLUE

Learn English Idioms with Blue

My last post with a 5 Minute English video about idioms with throat was such a hit (*very popular*) that people were commenting and e-mailing me for more idioms. So, ask and you shall receive because today’s 5 Minute English video is all about idioms, and you’re about to learn English idioms with the color blue. As…

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Learn English Idioms with Throat and English Outside the Box

Learn English Idioms with Throat

Idioms! Idioms! Idioms! English idioms are so much fun to teach because they are so common, are so interesting, and really help English learners become more fluent in their listening and speaking skills. If you’ve been learning with me for a while, then you know that I highly recommend learning idioms by theme for easier…

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How to talk about Hair in English

How to Talk about Styling your Hair in English

Let’s face it (*let’s be honest*), there are a lot of things you need to study to reach fluency in English. It is easy to focus on the things that seem the most important: business vocabulary, important grammar topics, pronunciation points, improving listening with news and current events, etc..; however, students often forget about the basic…

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