English expressions for sleep

3 New Ways to Say “I’m going to sleep” in English

Expanding your vocabulary, and learning how to say the same thing in different ways is incredibly important when working on your English fluency. This is not only important for sounding more natural, but will also help you understand more native speakers who use idioms and English expressions.

Chances are you’ve already heard phrases like “to hit the hay” or “to hit the sack” when talking about going to bed, because these are some of the most common idioms related to sleep. Today, let’s review 3 new English expressions for sleep and learn different ways to say “I’m going to sleep”.

The phrases in today’s 60 Second Saturday video are some of the things I would say naturally when talking to others about sleep in English.

3 New English Expressions for Sleep

How do you say, “I’m going to sleep” in English?

to turn in: to go to bed

I am going to turn in.

Other variations:

I’m turning in. I’m turning in for the night. I need to turn in. I turned in really early last night. I think I’ll turn in early tomorrow.

to call it a day: to say you’re done for the day and going to bed

I am going to call it a day.

Other variations:

I’m calling it a day. I think I’ll call it a day. I need to call it a day. I called it a day before 7pm yesterday!

to get/catch some Z’s: to get some sleep

I am going to get some z’s.

Other variations:

I need to catch some z’s. I am catching up on some z’s today. I got some z’s yesterday (it was so great)! I need to get more z’s this week.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice writing your own sentences examples in the comments below. Additionally, you can answer these questions:

  • When do you usually call it a day?
  • Do you need to catch up on some z’s?
  • How often do you turn in before 9 pm?

I hope you enjoy using these new expressions. Until next time,

Happy Studying! ♥

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