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60 Second Saturday: 2 Tips for English Success

What’s the secret to learning English? Are there ways that you can learn easier, faster, and with more enjoyment? YES! And this is what we’re going to focus on today, 2 tips for English success.

Watch today’s 60 Second Saturday lesson for a push in the right direction this weekend and some extra motivation for your English study routine.

Are you following these 2 tips? Let’s find out!

2 Tips for English Success

In order to learn English more successfully, you must…..

  1. Find ways that you enjoy studying
  2. Work on all skill areas with equal attention

Let me elaborate (*give more detail*).


Engaging learning materials, resources that you find interesting, and lessons that give you excitement are definitely going to help you learn more English.


When you’re engaged with a lesson, you’re more likely to remember the information that you’re learning! So that means that you need to lose the books that are boring and you don’t like! Forget the boring lessons you hate finishing. If you’re not engaged and not excited, don’t do it! Look for things that ignite you with passion – the passion will help your skills.


I’ve said this important point multiple times, and it’s worth mentioning every single time! Don’t focus all of your efforts in one area (writing or speaking, for example) because you don’t want to be creating other areas of weaknesses. Remember for full English fluency, you must be able to write, read, speak, listen, and have strong grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc… Every skill will, directly and indirectly, help the other. When you write, this builds speaking skills. Reading helps vocabulary, etc.. etc…


So what do you think about these English tips for success? Are you following them in your own routine?

Practice Makes Perfect

What English materials and resources do you find interesting and that are helping you learn English? Practice writing, vocabulary, spelling, and grammar by writing your answer below! When you finish, read it aloud and focus on pronunciation (and speaking!)

Until next time,

Happy Studying! ♥

Get more tips for English success on this coming Tuesday’s Everyday English lesson – live on YouTube!

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