adverbs of frequency

Adverbs of Frequency

There are several types of adverbs and different places that adverbs can go within a sentence. While this can make them confusing, they don’t need to be!

This lesson will go into some specifics and tell you more about adverbs of frequency in English and where they are placed in a sentence.

Adverbs of Frequency

These adverbs tell us how often we do an action. Below we’ll review the meanings and a rough estimate of the percentage (%) that we complete or do the action. Please note, these percentages are not exact and can vary in explanation! 🙂

always – we do an action 100% of the time, all the time with no fail

almost always – 80-90%. Most of the time it happens, but sometimes it doesn’t.

usually – 75%. This indicates a habit that is usual or common, meaning we do the action but less than always.

sometimes – 50%. Only at certain times do we do this action. A synonym would be occasionally.

rarely – 30%. Sometimes we do it, but not very often

almost never – 15%. This is less than rarely, so it’s really not common at all.

never  (the opposite of always) – we do an action 0% of the time, not at all…. we just don’t do it


So where do adverbs of frequency go in a sentence? What’s the correct placement?

Most of these adverbs will go in front of the verb they’re modifying.

For example:

I always drink my immunity drink in the mornings.

I almost always do yoga before lunch.

I usually walk with my son every day.

I rarely consume sugar.

I almost never have soda.

I never smoke.

However, there is an exception with sometimes. This adverb of frequency can go in the beginning middle or end of a sentence.

Sometimes I drink coffee. I sometimes drink coffee. I drink coffee sometimes.

Practice Makes Perfect

Can you practice these new adverbs in the comment below this lesson or below the video on YouTube?

I’d also like to know:

What do you always do?

What is something you never do?

What do you sometimes do?


I look forward to your answers, and until next time…

Happy Studying! ♥

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