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Vocabulary, Listening, Reading, Speaking + More in March

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to speaking another language is starting and maintaining a conversation. As an English learner, do you feel confident in doing this? What do you say to start a conversation in English? How do you maintain it? What if there are awkward silences?

Learn English in March with The Conversation Club, which focuses on how to maintain a conversation in English, and will give you a video lesson with tips and advice. We are going to use that video and review new phrasal verbs, idioms, expressions, American English pronunciation, contractions, and more!

When you sign up for the Conversation Club, you’ll get reading, listening, vocabulary, pronunciation, and speaking lessons. You will get connected with our group message community, to practice writing, speaking, and using more natural English. Every month we have 6 group conversation calls with a native-speaking English teacher and other members.

Check out this video to review what we’re learning this month:

The Conversation Club in March

6 group Conversation Calls – Schedule (all times are in the PST – Pacific Standard Time zone, Los Angeles)

Call #1: March 7th (Wednesday) at 5:30 PM with Jennifer
Call #2: March 12th (Monday) at 8:00 AM with Jennifer
Call #3: March 15th (Thursday) at 4:00 PM with Amber
Call #4: March 21st (Wednesday) at 5:00 PM with Amber
Call #5: March 24th (Saturday) at  4:00 AM with Amber
Call #6: March 28th (Wednesday) at 8:00 AM with Jennifer


The Curriculum inside the Conversation Club Classroom

The Conversation Club Learn English in March


The pronunciation focus this month will be on American English contractions + how (and why) to use THERE IS + PLURAL or HERE IS + PLURAL

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If you’re not sure and want to see sample materials, you can sign up for a 1-week free trial below.

*Note: the free trial does not include group calls or real speaking opportunities. The trial will give you sample lessons and materials*
Do you want to speak more natural and fluent English?

The Conversation Club will provide you with 6 group conversation calls to practice with a real teacher and a group message community to connect with other members.

You will also get weekly English lessons to help your vocabulary, listening, reading, pronunciation, and more!

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