how to study English when you don't have time

5 Tips about How to Study English when you don’t have Time

Does this sound like you? “I want to learn English, but I just don’t have the time! I have too much to do.” Or, “I have too many people to take care of, and not enough time for me.” If it is, then today’s post is for you! In this video lesson, I am sharing 5 tips about how to study English when you don’t have time.

Today’s post was inspired by my own personal experience because I got a surprise 30 minutes of “free time” while my baby took an extra long nap. I thought, “well, what should I do?” “What can I complete” and ultimately, this led me to hop on YouTube and do a spontaneous live lesson connecting this experience to my English learners who struggle with some of these same questions.

So review today’s live lesson on YouTube, click here to subscribe so you don’t miss future lessons, and read the lesson notes below for links and reading practice.

How to Study English when you don’t have Time

  1. Make English a priority
  2. Make English something you WANT to do…and don’t want to procrastinate
  3. Make English fun
  4. Put English into your schedule (write it down and create the space)
  5. Have materials ready that align (match) with your goals


Let’s go into some more detail…

1.  If you figure out why you need and want English, you can identify why it’s a priority. If you need it for work, then work & English become something that’s the same level on your priority list. If you need it for academics, the school and English become the same, etc…

2. If you find excuses to avoid studying, you’ll likely procrastinate (or wait to do it) whenever some free time becomes available. Instead, work on eliminating these excuses and finding ways to WANT English in your life.

3. If English becomes FUN, then it’ll be hard to avoid. Find your favorite teachers, materials, and ways to study that fit best with your lifestyle and interests. Here’s a very important point: think about how you’re studying now. If you don’t enjoy it…. change it! Change it into something you do enjoy as soon as you can.

4. When you put some English time into your schedule, it becomes a real, important part of your week, like any appointment that you write down. If you think, “I have no time”, then review your typical week and find at least 15 minutes during the week that you do something that’s not helpful for you. I am sure you can find a day to wake up 15 minutes earlier, or skip 1 TV show a week, or perhaps decrease your social media browsing. Only you can analyze your schedule and fit something in.

5. The worst thing that can happen is what happened to me today. You have time, you sit down to do something (like studying), and you’re overwhelmed because…. you don’t know where to begin! If you have materials ready for you, that align (match) with your goals, then the second you have free time – the materials will be ready to guide to towards your goal! The internet and all of the opportunities in the digital education world are great, but sometimes too much is not a good thing.


I can help you if you’re struggling with #3 and #5 today. I have a lot of resources that can make English fun and help you know exactly what to study to reach your goal.

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I hope this motivates you for extra English in your weekly routine, and until next time…

Happy Studying! ♥

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