Creativity Tuesday: Mariah

Let’s dive right into (begin) Creativity Tuesday today by exploring the idea of CONTRASTS (things that differ from one another in an obvious way)Black | White. Light | Dark. New | Old. Classic | Modern. Simplicity | Complexity. What makes these contrasting words so obviously different from one another? If you guessed opposites, then you hit the nail right on the head (got it correct)!  I want you to try and use some of these opposites in your creative writing today, try and use some of these words to describe the photograph you are about to see.

Just a side note for you, this #creativitytuesday is by far my favorite to date (up until now), not only because this new featured artist happens to also be an old friend, but because the simplicity of color with the complexity of this shot (photographed image) made me so giddy with excitement (happiness; joy) when I saw it. There could be so many possibilities of where your imagination will go, so allow yourself to be inspired and let your mind wander as you begin this month’s creative writing exercise.

Are you new here and not quite sure what I am talking about with this Creativity Tuesday stuff? Well let me take a minute to give you some important details. If you’re a returning reader (love and thanks for your support ♥), just scroll down to the photo below. Creativity Tuesday is a monthly themed post that features an artist and their work, and gives you an opportunity to practice and improve your writing skills. The object is to get you thinking outside of the box. So here’s the deal:

  • feel free to write about whatever the picture inspires within you
  • if you feel stuck, scroll past the image for some question prompts. Scroll even more, on the bottom of each post, and you can read about the photo and the artist. You can practice reading and writing with this section, and once you’ve read, you can respond with your thoughts. This will give you even more writing practice, or a jump start if you aren’t feeling too inspired.
  • I encourage you to share your writing, as a way to receive feedback. There are plenty of ways to do it, so here are some of the ways you can share your writing with me (and others):
    • Start sharing your Creativity Tuesday posts on your own blogs and linking it back (“pingback”) to my post. When you link it back to this post, I will not only be able to see it, but I can add it to a resource link at the end of the blog. You gain more exposure for your site, receive feedback from me, and improve writing! It’s a triple score!!
    • Write your answer in the comment section to share with everyone! Allow others to comment and interact with you, and give yourself the opportunity to receive my feedback!
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creativity time…

Remember, if you’re feeling stuck, scroll for some question prompts.

Mariah via Sarah McAllister (

  • Describe what you see happening in this photo. Don’t forget to explore the opposites mentioned above.
  • The caption from the artist’s Instagram is, “Release”. How would you explain this caption?
    • What would your caption be for the photo, and why?
  • Where might this photo be taken? Use as many details from the photo as you can to make an inference (a conclusion based on evidence)
    • Why are they (artist and model) in the street? Why is she barefoot? Elaborate (give detail) as to why this might be a rare/unique thing to see walking down the street, and why the artist may have chosen this environment.


The idea of this writing exercise is to give you an opportunity to improve your writing skills, specifically your creative fluency. Remember there’s definitely no “wrong” or “right” interpretations and there is no need to rush your answer; take some uninterrupted time to write. Feel free to share some more question prompts and leave them in the comments for other readers, and when you’re ready, scroll down to find out about the artist and her work.


From portrait photographer: Sarah McAllister
in San Diego

This photograph marks the journey of project featuring dancers and what Sarah says, “showcases the capability of the human body in interesting settings.”  She is “exploring the natural lines created by these dancers in complimentary and contrasting environments,” and while searching for locations with interesting architecture, also allows the spur of the moment location decisions to bring forth some amazing images of those being photographed.

When asked what inspires her, she says it’s her “real love from admiring the shapes that dancers can create.” When it comes to her shot, she likes to play and explore with how her setting and the model can come together. An added element in this particular photo is the thrill, the thrill of timing it perfect with the traffic while still capturing the dancer’s release (the movement you see in the image).

Explore more images via Instagram and stay tuned for what is to come!


As a final writing opportunity, you can take some time to respond to the artist’s description of the image and text above. Is the description different than your interpretation? What do you think about the thrill of the shot, the inspiration of how a body moves, and location? I look forward to your responses and connecting with you, good luck and…

Happy Studying! ♥

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