schwa in American english

Everyday English Pronunciation: The Schwa in American English

How comfortable are you pronouncing the most common sound in American English? Do you know what the most common sound is? If you answered the schwa sound, then you are absolutely correct. If you are not completely comfortable with this sound, or need some more practice then you are in the right place with this…

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Learn English pronunciation of i and ee

/ɪ/ and /i:/ American English Pronunciation of I and EE

Pronunciation is an important part of your English fluency puzzle, because you need the people around you to understand what you are saying in order to communicate effectively. How is your pronunciation of the I (live) and EE (leave) sounds? Chances are you have some difficulty, as most of my English students do. However, don’t…

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Learn English Online with English Outside the Box 31 daily English lessons to Improve English Speaking Fluency

October Learning Plan: 31 Daily English Lessons – Week 4 Speaking

If you had to rate your speaking skills on a scale of 1 (not confident/poor) to 10 (extremely confident/fluent), how would you rate yours? Are you happy with your current level of speaking fluency? Most of my students, and even students I don’t personally teach but talk to on Instagram tell me that they want to improve…

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American English Pronunciation Heteronyms with English Outside the Box

American English Pronunciation: Heteronyms

I was inspired for this post today after realizing the difficulty that many students have with the pronunciation of heteronyms (words that are spelled the same but pronounced differently). In the past week,  I had 3, yes 3, conversations with different students about this very topic. The idea that words can look the same, but…

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Learn English in 60 Seconds with English Outside the Box on Instagram

Learn English in 60 Seconds

Technology and the convenience of smartphones, wifi, and various apps have been continuing to make learning so much easier, especially for people “on the go” (*busy: traveling, or moving around a lot*). If you are someone who is busy, but still wants and needs to learn English, then today I am sharing with you some…

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