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Learn English in 60 Seconds

Technology and the convenience of smartphones, wifi, and various apps have been continuing to make learning so much easier, especially for people “on the go” (*busy: traveling, or moving around a lot*). If you are someone who is busy, but still wants and needs to learn English, then today I am sharing with you some ways to learn English in 60 seconds. Yes, in only 60 seconds.

It’s important to realize that you can’t become fluent in studying for only 60 seconds. If it were that easy we would all speak multiple languages, right? However, what I am sharing with you today is a way to learn English in 60 seconds that can become a part of your current learning schedule. You can add these 60 seconds in every day, every week, and you will become that much stronger in your skills.

So what am I talking about? I am talking about learning English with Instagram, specifically my weekly mini (*small*) lessons called, “60 Second Saturdays”. If you haven’t seen or watched these lessons yet, then don’t worry, today I will share the lessons with you. I will also tell you some other ways to learn English, use Instagram, and continue to improve your skills.

What is “60 Second Saturdays”?

Every Saturday I create a mini lesson about pronunciation, vocabulary and/or idioms, grammar, and more! These lessons include information you can listen to in the video and supporting details that you can read on my whiteboard (in the video) and in the video’s caption section. These are great for you if you are busy and don’t have hours every day to study. They are quick enough to learn on the bus or subway, when you wake up, before you go to bed, or on a quick break from work or school. These 60 second videos are full of information that will help you improve your English skills.

You can find these videos every Saturday on my Instagram, click here, visit: https://www.instagram.com/jenesl760/ or search for @ jenESL760

Let’s review some examples of what you can learn with some of the content I have shared.

Learn English Vocabulary

In lesson #2, I taught expressions in English using numbers as a theme. I love (and recommend) learning expressions and idioms this way (by theme) so you are able to easily organize the information for studying and memorization.

There are 4 expressions, their definitions, examples and extra practice questions at the end! Can you answer the extra practice questions and use any of this new vocabulary? Comment below the blog or on this Instagram post.

Click the post below to watch and listen here, or click the user name to visit Instagram.


In lesson #4 we learned some more vocabulary by another theme! This time it was about clothing for exercising, also known as activewear. You might not have learned these vocabulary words because they may not seem too “important” compared to TOEFL vocabulary, idioms, or definitions; however, this is incorrect! These words are so important because they are used almost every day by a lot of you. If you exercise and use these articles of clothing, then make sure you know how to talk about them in English.

Did you learn any new words here? Which of these pieces of clothing do you own and often wear?


Learn English Pronunciation

Lesson #6 is all about American English pronunciation, and teaching you some common rules for the American “T”. Did you know there are a few ways to pronounce the American “T”? Sometimes it’s a “D”, other times it sounds like a “T” and sometimes we don’t pronounce the sound at all!

This video and mini lesson will help you understand more about the “T” sound and when we hold, or don’t pronounce it. You can practice by uploading your own videos, or contacting me directly to join the private Facebook group for other English Outside the Box learners!


If you like pronunciation lessons, then don’t worry because there are more! In lesson #3, I helped learners with words that are commonly mispronounced in American English.  Are you mispronouncing them? Watch the video and find out!


Learn English Grammar

Phrasal verbs! Everyone’s favorite grammar point in English, right? Whether you love them or hate them, phrasal verbs are unavoidable in English. It’s crucial (*important*) to learn them and use them in your daily conversations to increase your fluency and sound more like a native speaker.

So I have the video for you. Lesson #1, the very first “60 Second Saturday” post taught you common phrasal verbs with “hit” and gave you the definitions and examples.

Can you use any of them in a sentence? There are extra practice questions at the bottom of the post to help you out. Remember, you can comment below the blog or visit and comment on Instagram directly.


So, are you ready to start improving your English today and learning English in 60 seconds?

There are more lessons on my Instagram page to help you with your English skills, so visit today to see what else you can learn. In addition to “60 Second Saturdays“, I post a variety of information daily on Instagram, so Saturday isn’t the only day you can learn! You can learn every day with photos, videos, and infographics, and see how I (a native English speaker) use English every day. You’ll learn new vocabulary, idioms, grammar, pronunciation, and get updates on new YouTube videos, lessons and more!


As always, I hope this post helps you on your English journey and you were able to actively improve your skills today.

If you can share this post with a friend or colleague, I would appreciate it and I wish you a great day!

Happy Studying! ♥


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  1. alice on June 29, 2016 at 3:05 am

    Nice! I like your interactive ways of teaching English. I’ve taught English in Spain before and it’s hard to get them motivated. Will take some tips from you.

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