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Sure, you want to speak English...
but you want to so you can transform your life.

My name is Jennifer, and I help motivated entrepreneurs and professionals work more confidently in English and transform their lives with more income opportunities and flexibility.

Improve your English with English Outside the Box

"If you do what you've always done. You'll get where you've always gotten." - Tony Robbins


 Step outside of your comfort zone, and start learning English in a new way - with English Outside the Box!


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English Through TV

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English Pronunciation for Portuguese Speakers

Aumente seu nível de fluência: descubra erros comuns de pronúncia de inglês e melhore sua fala.

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Hi! I'm Jennifer.

My goal is your goal, to help you succeed in English.

I created English Outside the Box with passion and the dedication to help English learners around the world achieve their dreams and improve their English skills for work and life.  By learning"outside the box" with me, you'll learn with passion you've never experienced, get outside your comfort zone and into real life English settings.

What do my students say?

After some frustrated attempts with schools and teaching styles, I think I've finally found the perfect method and teacher for me! Jennifer is very patient and friendly. So, the only thing I have to say is: thanks, Jennifer!

Isabela, Brazil

"When I enrolled to Jen's course, my goal was to improve my English and improve my accent also, and it really helped me because I felt more confident and ready to speak with Australian people and get a good job. And it give me good opportunities here, so that's awesome for me."

Ismara, Brazil

It's a great course that I studied with teacher Jennifer she is a smart teacher and funny at the same time. She taught us from her heart and gave us what I need to be fluent in English. I can't forget how much awesome vocabularies I have learned from her and I still use them. I love how many tactics she used to help us to learn English easily in a fun way. Thanx for helping me always.

Arwa, Saudi Arabia

"I really enjoy your teaching: good vibes, lots of materials/tips.It’s obvious you teach with your heart & it makes all the difference!"

- Pauline, France

"English Outside the Box helped me to prepare my TOEIC test. The results were higher than I expected. Thanks to Jennifer's expertise and guidance I got 885. I think that surprised me the most was the infinite amount of tools and material EOB provided me to tackle the exam. Thanks so much to English Outside the Box"

- Raul, Mexico

"I get a chance to study the materials provided, having the chance to talk to our fellow students, and have the chance to ask questions when having any doubt. Jennifer has provided us with plenty of group calls to practice with what we have learnt. I can learn and remember what I have learned, so that I will be able to use it in my daily life. I enjoy the group calls where the students get together from different parts of the world in order to learn English."

-Dora, English Teacher, Malaysia