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music idioms in English

60 Second Saturday: Music Idioms in English

Is it necessary for English fluency to learn and use idioms? I’ve been asked some variation of this question quite often, and the answer is… yes! Native speakers use English idioms in their conversations, when speaking and writing, and in social, professional, and academic situations. This is also true for phrasal verbs, but we’ll talk…

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english pronunciation tips

English Pronunciation Tips: 3 Difficult Words & How to Pronounce Them

Although many English learners find linking and word reductions quite difficult, it actually makes pronunciation much easier! You aren’t required to put so much effort into producing the language when you link and reduce words within a sentence. There are many rules to learn and principles to practice for accurate linking and more natural English…

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English pronunciation through though thought

English Pronunciation of Through, Though, Thought

Do you confuse the English pronunciation of through, though, and thought? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! English pronunciation can be tricky, especially when the words appear to look the same. Luckily, this week we’ll be reviewing the pronunciation differences with examples in 60 Second Saturday! You can review the pronunciation here, and be sure to…

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when a t sounds like a d

Everyday English LIVE Lesson: When a T sounds like a D

“Progress is impossible without change….” George Bernard Shaw Change is necessary for a lot of things, like progress and moving forward. It’s important for growth, and it’s always important if you’re wanting to see a different result. You may have noticed a change here on English Outside the Box. I have made some changes, and…

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learn phrasal verbs

Everyday English: Dictation Practice to Learn Phrasal Verbs & Pronunciation

Every Saturday, I have been giving a live “Everyday English” lesson on my YouTube channel to teach more everyday English skills. These (everyday) English skills help learners use English more comfortably and confidently in daily life. We’ve reviewed a lot of important points over the past several weeks, skills like grammar, pronunciation, test prep, phrasal…

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