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Learn English Gerunds and Infinitives with English Outside the Box!

Grammar Review: English Gerunds and Infinitives

If you stop to read this post, I promise you will stop being confused with English gerunds and infinitives. I know that it can be confusing to decide whether to use a gerund (verb+ing) or an infinitive (to + base verb) when speaking and writing in English, but luckily there are some basic rules to…

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The “ER” Sound in American English

I’ve been noticing consistent pronunciation difficulties in my private lessons lately, specifically with students having difficulty with the “ER” sound in English. The problems have been with students who speak various languages, and even at multiple levels! These problems come because of issues not only with the sound the consonant “R” makes, but also because…

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Learn English Outside the Box with English Outside the Box @jenesl760. Today is Better English @betterenglish

Learning Outside the Box with Instagram: Better English & English Expressions + Video Interview

We’re continuing on with Learning Outside the Box with Instagram series and featuring an Instagram star, Dan aka (*also known as*) @ betterenglish. I think I first noticed Dan and his videos months ago, and they immediately stood out (*got my attention*). The videos are witty (*funny*), entertaining, and best of all, they teach English…

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