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Happy Teacher Appreciation Day (& Week)

You are reading this post because someone wants you to know that you are appreciated. or you clicked a link because you are interested in teachers, teaching, education, or are just curious 🙂 A “thank you” is something that can pick anyone up (make someone happy), brighten a day, or inspire others to keep on keeping…

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News in Levels: Animal Week

Practice your reading and writing comprehension with There are a few articles related to animals this week, so I want you to choose one of the following, and in the comment section: summarize the article in your own words. try to use the new vocabulary and create your own sentences. share your opinion. What…

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What pranks did you pull today? Or, were any pranks pulled on you?

In honor of this fun day, and utilizing the first day of a new curricular week, I decided to pull a prank on my students with new rules. They were greeted with, “New Day. New Week. New Students. New Rules!” I had them silently read the 10 new rules and instructed to sign and date…

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